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Went to the Llano arm of LBJ today, in search of white bass. Put in at Kingsland Community Park and immediately started graphing upstream. I covered about 2 miles up, then came back. I didn't see a single ball of shad. I use a Humminbird with side image sonar that covers 150 feet to each side. So, it's hard to miss them if they are there.
I then tried trolling with a spoon, small rattle trap, and in-line spinner. Nothing. So, I decided to give up on the whites until I can learn more about fishing for them.
I then moved to the Colorado arm and fished various coves. I used a TR watermellon red flake worm on the edge of grass and near docks. Caught 8 in the 2-3# range.
Water temp was mid 60's.
Not a bad day, all in all. But need to learn more about fishing for whites before I burn 2 hours worth of gas, again, looking for them.
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