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In other news, I got skunked twice at Ladybird last month. The first time the water was murky from run-off and I had the lake to myself. The second time the water was gin clear post front and the lake was busy. I hollered, "COLLISION!" seconds before getting skewered by a one man row boat. I hope he gets a back-up camera for Christmas. Urban feel and a fun place to get on the water.

Auto-save came through and resurrected the 11/23 Bastrop Post that I just posted (apologies for tardiness).

This past Monday, I fished Hutto Lake and caught fish on senko and finesse worm. The water level is very low, surprisingly, this late in the year. This area has not received much rain. A nutria swam under my yak, always entertaining.

I fished Lake Pflugerville Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday. The lake is what I consider full pool and water temperature today was 55°F. Tuesday I yakked and caught four fun-fish on shakyhead. The rest of the days I was in the Pond Prowler and caught only two per day. Baits that work include shallow diver, medium diver, 3.3" belly-weighted paddletail, DS worm, WW senko and TR BBH.

I've received a ramp report and a text report of giant bass caught at area lakes. Hopefully, you'll get one too. See you on the water!
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