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We camped at Turkey Bend over the weekend. My Dad and I fished Sat. Morning around Gloster Bend for about 2 hours. Water temp 61-64. We found a few small fish and a couple of keepers. Later in the afternoon my Brother and I fished for about 2 hours and he put it on me, he caught three keepers and we both caught a few small ones. We had about 10lbs all together on Sat. with the three biggest fish at 2.5 lbs each.

On Sunday the three of us cruised up to the Bluebonnet Hole. Water temp 60-62. We fished a few places on the way, and caught a couple of small blacks. When we got to the Bluebonnet Hole we fished for a while with only one small black to show for it. Then we switched over to whites. I caught three nice whites in our last 1.5 hours. The larges white was 16 1/2". We caught two more small blacks on the way back at our last stop.

This past weekend was awesome! Thanks to good company and great weather.

p.s. Sorry no pics I forgot my camera.
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