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Fished in our club tournament. Fished from 4pm to midnight. Started out fishing with the Zoom mini crawfish on a shaky head (1/8oz), along wind blown, steep banks. Caught about 20 bass, mostly quads. Moved to lighted docks at night. Threw Berkley Power Poggys in Pearl Shad. Caught several big white bass to 16"...Also caught bass to 4lbs.

Winning stringer was 13.17lbs by Allure Rods of Austin..Congrats to Doyne Bailey and son, Brett. They also caught a 6.62lb bass!!

We (GHPHOTOGRAPHY and I ) got second with 12.41lbs. My big fish was only 3.97lbs.. But caught several 2lb bass under the lights..

Third was Bill Gibbens 7.42lbs

Congrats to Doyne and Brett for a nice big bass and heavy stringer.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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