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Lake Travis Tues Night Tournament 6/16/09 w/$630.00 7.77 Big Bass Bonus

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This week the Lucky 7 Big Bass Pot starts at $630.00!  If you happen to catch a 7.77 pound black bass or larger during the tournament you take home the entire pot!  

Think about that, for a $40.00 entry you have the potential to take home close to $1000.00 if you catch a 7.77 pound bass and win the tournament.  What other tournament in town can offer that kind of a return on $40.00?

Entry forms will also available for the upcoming ABC Open, June 20th, on Lake Travis.

We'll be on the floating dock at Mansfield around 5:30 PM to begin registration and livewell checks, you may come by land or water.

Complete rules can be found here:
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hey andy,any T. that puts a 7.77 pound limit on there big bass pot(specially on travis)will grow a big pot.this pot might just get real big by the time it goes maybe 2or3 grand or more :-?.i will be there then,heck i wish i could fish this travis T. now but finances suck :'(.anyway,you do have the best weekly T. just thought i would shake that pedistal you where on. :p
now that im thinking about it i was wrong,that 7.77 pound limit pot would have already fallen twice in the decker thursday night T. this year. :p
if it gets up over 2 G's yalls #'s will start competing with basschamps. :cool:
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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