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I started out on Saturday fishing my normal fishing holes on Colorado Arm of Lake Travis, and caught two LMB, both about 1 1/2 lbs at the most. So after 3 hrs I got off the water. On the 1 mile trip up to my house through the neighborhood, I stopped about a block up from my house at my friends house and went with him and his grandson and his daughters boyfriend to the small pond behind his house. Used my same go to baits, Yum Dinger on shaky head hook, and started walking around the pond and casting. On about the 7th or 8th cast, I hooked onto this LMB. I had my digital scale with me, and it measured 5.53 lbs. OMG Who would've thought there was a fish that big in that small pond.
5.5 lber from neighborhood pond

Fish from Lake Travis
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