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Launched at Point Venture at 6:05am on Sunday morning. Only had a few hours of fishing, due to babysitting my grandson at 11am.

Water temp 78 degrees.
Winds out of the south at 15-20mph.
Water clear.

Charted a bait ball at 30 feet. Lowered down a couple white 3/4oz slabs. Caught over 50 small white bass. Most undersized. Kept 28 whites that were from 12" to 16". Also Glen caught a nice blue catfish on slab. Moved to fishing shorelines with crankbaits. Caught a couple nice bass, not too many. Best 5 was 15lbs, based on one nice 4lber.

Below a few good fish pics of Glen...and fish!

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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