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Lake Travis - May 31

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Fished Lake Travis from 6:30 am to 10:00 am.  The early morning surface action was poor.  We caught nothing the first hour in Cypress Creek using poppers and a Sammy.  We moved on to some other coves near Arkansas Bend Park.  Found one spot where we pulled out a fair sized largemouth (18 inches) and my son pulled out a number of long-eared sunfish (on a popper).  Around 8:30 we found a nice point near deep water where we pulled 6 Guad's out of the same spot using crankbaits.  Overall we landed 14 in the boat.

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Great Picture!

Maybe we can talk Tdub into a picture of the month contest like the "other" site has! ;)
That is a great pic! Thanks for the report. Very pretty guad.

Travis, what other site are you talking about?
::) :D ;D
Thanks. We actually had to turn the boat around so we were not taking a picture into the sun.

I should also mention that fishing was very localized in Travis today. All 14 fish were caught in just 3 spots. In addition, the spots where we caught fish on Thursday had no action. Go figure.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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