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Lake Travis Mile Markers
Mile marker buoys mark the center of the channel of Lake Travis and are sequentially numbered. Mile Markers start with mile marker 1 at Lake Travis’s Mansfield Dam and increment by 1 (i.e. Mile Marker 2, Mile Marker 3, Mile Marker 4, etc.) for each mile traveled upstream in the Colorado River channel of Lake Travis. Each mile marker is a buoy secured in position by an anchor and located approximately 1 mile from the next nearest mile marker in either direction. Lake Travis mile markers are lighted at night with colored lights to faciliate evening boating on Lake Travis. Green mile markers have odd numbers (1, 3, 5, etc.) while red mile markers have even numbers (2, 4, 6, etc.). By following the mile markers in Lake Travis, boaters can determine their approximate location in the lake, estimate how far they have traveled, verify which direction they are headed, and safely navigate nearest the deepest part of Lake Travis.

Occasionally, a Lake Travis mile marker may become detached from its anchor or may become damaged or inoperable. To report problems with mile markers or buoys, call the LCRA at 1-800-776-5272, Ext. 2693 or 2957 and give them the Lake Travis mile marker number.

Buoy Guide:

Lake Travis Maps: Lakes
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