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No, I didn't fish it, but I drove out for the weigh in for bass champs. That was a hoot! Congrats to Hastings, Yung, The Waldrops, and everyone local that I haven't meet yet that was in the $. Before I get kicked off the "Black Bass" reports board, this is a report. The winning team 19lb(20lb-1for penality), and everyone else I talked to said all their quality fish came off of large cranks, and 10" worms. It didn't seem like there were a lot of fish caught. The big bass winner (6lb) said he caught his fish at 8:00am, and didn't get another bite until 1:00pm. he caught 3 fish all day, with one keeper. At least it was the right keeper.
So get out there, and start tossing those big cranks, and worms!
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