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Hello! I would like to introduce myself, my name is Tyler Torwick and I'm a full time fishing guide, I operate Torwick's Guiding Service here in Austin. Some of y'all probably know me, I've been guiding on Lake Travis and Decker a while now. Anyways, I have something new I am offering that I wanted to share.

I update my website with fishing reports for both lake pretty regularly, but now I am offering something even more in depth. I now am offering "Honey Hole Reports" that go into even greater detail. If you've ever fished with me you know I like teaching people to fish. I'm not the type of guide who will just hand you a rod and tell you where to cast. I'm all about education. I am now offering paid Honey Hole Reports that are updated weekly with EXACT spots on the lakes I am guiding on. These aren't community holes, these are weekly reports updated with the same places I am catching fish that week with my clients.

Each report is updated Thursday at 6:00PM, so it is always fresh information. You will receive 5 exact pins on the map telling you where to fish, what baits to throw, colors to use, conditions to look for, boat positioning, time of day to fish them, etc. After you check out, you will receive a download link for a file opened on your computer or phone in Google Earth. For less than the cost of a couple gallons of gas not only do you receive five exact fishing spots, but you also get the patterns I am catching fish with.

I put a lot of work into these reports and have tons of positive reviews! If you purchase a report and do not feel it was worth your hard earned money I will gladly refund 100% of your money.

Try one out with code AUSTINBASSFISHING for 20% off
(code valid until 6/22/22)
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