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There is a reason why carp are considered a sport fish in just about every country but the U.S. They are strong fish. I've accidentally foul hooked carp during spring white bass fishing trips on light tackle and had a blast. I've also been known, when the black bass bite is slow in the spring, to intentionally foul hook carp that are spawning in the shallows. I've even used a mixture of Big Red soda and 100% bran flakes to target carp when I lived on a private lake in Houston and the bass weren't biting (or I was lazy and just hanging out drinking beer).

The best way to cook them is to nail them to a 2x4, place them in an oven on broil for about 10 minutes, throw away the carp and eat the 2x4, but they are great fun to catch and a challenge on light tackle.
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