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Put in at Mansfield at 8PM and had a blast watching the folks try to get their boats off the water. Boat traffic was still kicking up the water pretty good. Fished until midnight.

Was stopped by Austin police who were performing safety checks on the water. Guess I can say it was the first time I welcomed this as there were a lot of dangerous boaters on the water.

We finally started fishing docks around 8:30PM and loading the boat with whites and a mixture of blacks up to 3.5lbs. Clients ended up taking home 30 fish (27 whites and 3 blacks). I convinced them to put the rest of the blacks back they caught during the night.

All fish came from 1/2 oz jigging spoons and spec rigs. Don't remember who suggested the white spec rig, but worked really well, ended up with one double. Thanks to whoever posted the tip on this. One client had a good fish pulling drag which I think was a striper (or a carp) ;-).

See you on the water.

1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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