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Lake Travis Catfish

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Hey Guys!

New to the forum. I’ve got some family coming into town and they want to do some catfishing on Lake Travis. What should I use for bait? Also, any recommendations on areas? Any help would be appreciated! Our boats at Hurst Harbor
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Chicken liver, hotdogs, mackerel or nightcrawlers on the bottom. As for areas, I'm not sure as I haven't fished for them there, but I would imagine anywhere is good, if its mid day fish deeper and if its low-light fish a little shallower.
I thought I heard Pace Bend is good for catfish. The longtime record channie (36.5#) was caught in the Pedernales back in the 60’s.
Go to Captain Pete's and hang a french fry over into the water. 40lber guaranteed.

If youre actually trying Pace as @Jeremy said is good, but I think its a night bite. Cow Creek also further up, I've seen some monsters cruising in there while anchored up getting a tan.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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