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Had a pretty fun day on Travis yesterday afternoon. We started at Point Venture at about 2pm. It started good with a 3.5lb with a black power worm off a dock on my first cast, but then slowed down for the next couple hours. We picked up a couple on dropshots and a couple on crankbaits, but the action really turned on when we got up to Bar K. We found an area that was stacked up with giant schools of shad and the schoolie bass were going crazy. There were shad raining everywhere and at times you'd see 10-15 black bass at a time out of the water and doing flips going after the shad. They wouldn't hit jigging spoons or topwaters very well, so we switched to rattle traps and just started slamming em. For a while, we were catching every cast, and caught several doubles on the rattle traps. There were a few whites mixed in, but it was mostly 12-14" blacks. If they would have been bigger, it would have been an epic session. The schooling action lasted about an hour and we probably caught around 50. I just moved back to this area after living in Houston for the last 2 years, so this was a good welcome home! Can't wait for the water to come back up on Travis!!
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