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Fished with boxatm and P-ville Aggie today. Mostly cloudy all day, wind 10-15mph, low 70s warmed up to mid 80s in the afternoon. Water temps still in the upper 70s.
We got a late start...first cast around 10am. Started out fishing shakey head worms on steep bluffs and around docks. We caught 12 LMB to 21" with a few guadies mixed in. Went to look for the whites and met up with nitroguy and his wife already tearing them up.
Started jigging the slab spoons and caught 15 white bass, 1 black bass, 1 blue cat and a nice striper. We didn't really get into them thick but had fun trying. boxatm did catch 2 whites at once- 1 on the slab and 1 on a 'teaser' rigged a couple feet above it. Had to get off the water in the early afternoon so fished the shakey head for about 20 minutes and picked up another black just before we left.
Things pretty much went downhill from there- trailer trouble. The top leaf spring on boxatm's trailer broke on the way home. This resulted in the wheel well riding on top of the tire causing it to heat up and smoke was billowing out the side. Pulled over on the side of the road and found that luckily the tire was still intact. I was in my truck so drove to my house and grabbed some tools.
We then proceeded to get midieval on the trailer. We each took turns using a dull hack saw, hammer and a pair of channel locks to remove said wheel well and get the trailer rolling again. It took some time but got the job done and the Aggies limped the boat home.  :D Anyway, a fun day on the water and glad we saved boxatm the towing expenses!


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Trailer Trouble -Solved

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Great story! Sorta like "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times..." Only nobody died in this case. Okay, poor example.

Still nice fish, and excellent problem solving. Victory in the face of adversity can only be sweeter. Reckon that wheel well had served its time anyway, reckon?

You'll be drinking a beer years from now and retelling this story with a smile on your face. Thanks for sharing.
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