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Lake Travis 5-22-09

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Fished with nitroguy yesterday from 7:00am - 3pm. Was mostly sunny, high 60's in the morning warming up to mid 80s in afternoon. Winds calm in the am, increased to 10-15 from NE in afternoon. Water temp 77 - 79 degrees all day.
We noticed fish chasing shad shallow in the morning and caught a couple black bass on shad immitation crank bait and small swimbait. When the sun got up we caught them good on shakey head finesse worms around docks and shaded banks. Most were small but all were fighters and fun to catch. After we had boated 20 plus blacks we decided to go look for whites. Looked around Point Venture and found some scattered lines of fish in 40 - 50ft. Dropped the slab spoons and hooked up with a few whites immediately. Kept up this pattern of trolling/drifting and got into the fish pretty good. While jigging we caught 40 white bass, 1 blue cat about 5lbs, 1 crappie and a couple blacks. Had to leave them biting even though we didn't want to. One of the funnest times I've had on the water in a while. Here's a pic of the fish we took home: white bass, blue cat, crappie and a couple guadalupe bass.


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That's awesome, Travis has been a lot of fun lately. That will be a tasty dinner.
Don had a great time yesterday.......Bet the arms are tired today from catching so many fish yesterday.....We are going back out tommorrow to see if they still want to play.....Hope we do not get run over sitting in the middle of the lake with all those scarabs running around.Bet it will like the ocean.See ya on the water
Yea I went out to Lake Austin yesterday afternoon and it was crazy out there, it felt like an ocean. I was glad to see about to cops patroling the water though.

I'll be out at Travis tomorrow also but not until about 6:30-7:00 in the afternoon to try and do some night fishing. Will be launching at Sandy Creek.
When's dinner Don. That is a load of fish for sure. Looks and sounds like you 2 were really on them for sure. ;)

Nice catch...I talked with another friend that was on the water and he was killing to whites too...I have not been out on Travis is about a week. But the white bass are still very easy to catch.

Maybe during next week I can get out and wet my slab. ;)

1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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