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Lake Travis 5/1

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Just bought the boat, first time out on Lake Travis, new to bass fishing. Launched from Sandy Creek at around 3:30...started in a small cove between sandy creek and Jonestown Park, picked off one small white bass with a medium depth crankbait on a point. Only fish of the afternoon as my buddy and I continued to work north of Jonestown Park.  Saw quite a few fish jumping. Tried throwing crankbaits, pumpkin baby brush hogs, worm and grub, but no luck.  Out of the water by 6:30 or so. A few beers and a good time with a friend is still better than mowing the lawn. Guess they weren't biting that early in the evening, or if you think it was what I was throwin' let me know, any advice is appreciated. Thanks.
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Weightless TR to 12' slowly lift and fall.

Good Luck!!!
The jumpers were probably carp. If you can't get a bite on crankbaits try ratl traps. If you can't get a bite on that try some Senkos or Grande Bass rattle snakes. If those don't work tie on a spinner bait. The idea with the spinner bait is to piss the fish off with vibration so steadily reel. That's my pattern lately that has been working out. Early morning and late at night try various topwaters like poppers and super spooks.
Mike also try Flukes in glimmerblue & watermelon seed around flooded brush. LOL Mike ;)
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