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My brothers were down for the holiday fish fry so decided to take a trip to Travis and target whites.

Launched out of Cypress, skies were clear, Barometer was 29.96 and rising. Fished 6:30AM till around noon.

Drove around the main lake until we found 'em schooling and started loading the boat using small slabs. Caught a lot of whites under the size limit and around 15 or so limit fish.

I got tired of fishing for whites, so tied on a Carolina Rig and went to work under the schooling whites. Caught 5 or so guads/spotties and one nice 3.5lb largemouth rigging a watermelon red creature bait from Nichols Lures.

My brothers caught a few other guads/spots and largemouth throwing 1/2oz lipless crankbaits.

Released all the largemouth (except for one that died), and took a few guads/spots home to eat. Have to say, they were much tastier than the catfish we had.

Targeted deep water ledges later in the day with jigging spoons. Got into some nice size gaspergoos, caught 7 in less than 5 minutes. Fought like heck and were fun to catch.

Two of the spotted bass had crawfish in their stomachs.

May be fishing the ABF tourney on Travis this Wednesday, hope to see you out there.

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Great report, and welcome to ABF.

Hope we can meet you in person on Wednesday. We will be at the floating dock at Mansfield. ( Feel free to launch at Cypress if it is better for you )

See you then!

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