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Lake Travis 3/28

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Got on the water at 3:45 off by 6:45 because my fishing partner this time was getting hungry. I took my 4 month old little girl with me - I had babysitting duty this afternoon. (Not to worry, she has her own life vest.) Caught 19 fish. Best five went 13lbs 5oz. Biggest was 3lb 14oz. and one 3lb 8oz. Overcast with wind 10-15mph. all fish caught in 2-5 ft.
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Great Job. LT is producing lots of fish as always.
Starting them younger and younger. Sounds like you had a good outing.
LOL, that's cool. Glad to hear she likes fishing.

You're braver then I ever was. I'm not sure who would have shot me first, the wife or my mother, for taking the baby with me. But thumbs up.
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