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Lake Travis 2/30/08

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Hey guy's well it was a great day on the water me and to freinds went up the colardo and man was it fun!We cought 25+ fish all in 7 to 15 foot on spinner baits,The biggest being 4lbs and all to gather we had close to 15 to 16 lbs awsome day now I now where to go! ;D

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Nice report..

Lake Travis 2/30/08
Does February have 30 days? ;D ;D ;D

Just playing...I must stop this joking right now..
Are we even talking about a February report? ;D

Joking aside, sounds like this was a productive outing. I usually do good on spinners, but this past weekend only used CB and jerk bait and caught about the same. I think right now they are hitting almost everything. Thanks for the post.
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