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Lake: Travis
Date:  16 October 2010  (7:30am-Noon)
Weather: Clear and cool the morning in the mid 50s.  No winds at all early building to a light breeze out of the west by noon.
Water Conditions:  Temps readings around 76.1-76.4 degrees on Arkansas Bend to the bowl.  Normal deep emerald green water with clear visibility.

Travis was good to me last weekend so I figured I'd pay another visit since I had a rare Saturday off from my 1/2 marathon training runs.  Also had the pleasure of having Jeff Cook, the Director of the F.A.N Tournament Trail and his lovely wife on board for a fun morning of fishing.  

Best part of the morning for me was having 3 consecutive double hook ups right off the bat.  I was fishing some deep water docks with a double fluke rig and slamming a suspended school of black bass there were holding anywhere from 15-20 foot down.  The key was getting dead sticking the bait down to the fish and imparting some minimal action to trigger a bite.  Think dying bait fish presentations and taking advantage of competitive feeding behavior.  Interestingly enough nothing was busting the surface but they were definitely there suspended at depth.   The action was constant for about an hour with a few small keepers and a bunch of Travis Specials.  When that slowed we moved to some deep bluff terrain like last week and had a slower but consistent Spotted Bass bite.  They ate just about anything we threw at them.  Jigs, TX rig rattle snakes, shakey head. soft jerk baits.  You name it.  Weeded through some small ones and some surprisingly good sized ones.  Another great morning to be on the lake enjoying the fall bite.  

Decided to do some public service to help clear a few of them out of Lake Travis and took few home for a date with the fryer.

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So I have a question about Lake Travis, new to the area, only have a little canoe, where should I fish and what should I throw. There seems to have been a lot of good reports on the lake lately. But I haven't taken the time to make it out that way.
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