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Had 3 days in a row of fishing on LT, a lot of fun. Long post, but read if you like. It was somewhat of a dissappointing weekend, I feel thatI could've done way better then I did. Still had fun, and learned a lot.

Saturday 1/24- TCBC Tournament with Clint_B
Time: 7AM-4PM
Weather: 34 degrees in the AM, winds in the mid 20's at 6AM, gusting to 30MPH. Winds 24MPH out of the North. Cloudy all day.
H2O: 51-53 degrees, clear.

Started out feeling like I was going to throw up in the AM, and I was cold. My hands were hurting pretty bad, even with gloves. It made it tough to fish. Had to take a little break in the morning because I felt dizzy and my stomach hurt. It went away after 20mins, and I got back to fishing.

Caught the first keeper (13" Guad) on a 1/2oz. V&M Living Image Football Jig in the Delta Melon color. Clint caught a few on plastics.

We then made a move up lake a bit more, and Clint caught 2 keeper Guads on a football jig in less than 5mins.  :cool: I kept getting bit on a finesse jig, but they wouldn't hold on.

We ended up with 4 keepers for 3 1/2 lbs.  :cool: ;D Toads...  ::)

Had a lot of fish pick up the bait, swim with it... And when I'd go to set the hook, nothing would be there.  :mad:

Still, it was a good time. Thanks Clint, we'll do better next time.

Sunday 1/25- Round Rock Jr. Bass Club
Time: 7AM-12PM
Weather: 34 in the AM, 5-6MPH winds. A LOT nicer then the previous day. Sun popped out a bit, made it way nicer.
H2O: 53-54 degrees. Clear

Started out with motor problems, and lost an hour of fishing that way. When the sun came up, the motor decided to work.  :)

We made a move to my spots, and I started catching fish. After a bunch of unders, I decided to make a move instead of wasting my time catching a bunch of unders.

One thing I noticed was the bait was suspended, and so where the bass. Never good... The bait was scattered, not concentrated bait balls. No arcs under them either.

Went to a spot I know had fish, and caught more unders. A guy prefishing for Bass Champs caught a 4lber. right next to us.  :mad:

We then noticed that the fishfinder time was an hour behind, so our planning was all messed up.  ::) This was with an hour to go.  :p

Decided to fish what I had in front of me, and started to pick apart the docks. Caught 10 fish on a drop-shot in 30'-40', all under 14" though. Then, I got the bite I was looking for. Set the hook, and had the fish give a hard pull back. Kinda frightening with 7lb. test, but that Sunline is TOUGH. I have never heard my drag go like that before, this fish pulled drag nonstop for over 10 seconds, and then tried to go for the cables. Did all I could to keep him out, and got him out. Then, got him to the boat, and all of a sudden, the hook pops out!  :-? :-/ I was mad, but at least I didn't see him. The guy I was with saw him though, and said it was every bit of 9lbs.  :'( He saw it for a few seconds when it was next to the boat before the hook popped out.

Made a cast back to the same spot, caught a fish at 13.99".  :cool: Called it quits and went back to the ramp.

Tough day, caught 20 or so fish, all at 13" or smaller.

Congrats to the winner though.

Monday 1/26- Bank Fishing  ;D
Time: 5:15PM-6PM
Weather: 65 degrees, 6-8MPH winds. Cloudy and drizzly.
H2O: Stained and chalky

Went for 45mins with my Dad and a friend. I've caught quite a few fish there the past 2 weeks, averaging 7-8 fish a trip.

Once I got the right bait on, it was over. Caught 4 in 4 casts, 3 of which were 14" keepers. Where were they this weekend!  ;D

Caught 3 more in 15mins, and left. My Dad had 4, one was close to 4lbs.

Not too bad for a short trip. Gonna try to get out there again, see if I can get some more, maybe go for just the big bite there.  ;D
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