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Had 3 days in a row of fishing on LT, a lot of fun. Long post, but read if you like. It was somewhat of a dissappointing weekend, I feel thatI could've done way better then I did. Still had fun, and learned a lot.

Saturday 1/24- TCBC Tournament with Clint_B
Time: 7AM-4PM
Weather: 34 degrees in the AM, winds in the mid 20's at 6AM, gusting to 30MPH. Winds 24MPH out of the North. Cloudy all day.
H2O: 51-53 degrees, clear.

Started out feeling like I was going to throw up in the AM, and I was cold. My hands were hurting pretty bad, even with gloves. It made it tough to fish. Had to take a little break in the morning because I felt dizzy and my stomach hurt. It went away after 20mins, and I got back to fishing.

Caught the first keeper (13" Guad) on a 1/2oz. V&M Living Image Football Jig in the Delta Melon color. Clint caught a few on plastics.

We then made a move up lake a bit more, and Clint caught 2 keeper Guads on a football jig in less than 5mins.  :cool: I kept getting bit on a finesse jig, but they wouldn't hold on.

We ended up with 4 keepers for 3 1/2 lbs.  :cool: ;D Toads...  ::)

Had a lot of fish pick up the bait, swim with it... And when I'd go to set the hook, nothing would be there.  :mad:

Still, it was a good time. Thanks Clint, we'll do better next time.

Sunday 1/25- Round Rock Jr. Bass Club
Time: 7AM-12PM
Weather: 34 in the AM, 5-6MPH winds. A LOT nicer then the previous day. Sun popped out a bit, made it way nicer.
H2O: 53-54 degrees. Clear

Started out with motor problems, and lost an hour of fishing that way. When the sun came up, the motor decided to work.  :)

We made a move to my spots, and I started catching fish. After a bunch of unders, I decided to make a move instead of wasting my time catching a bunch of unders.

One thing I noticed was the bait was suspended, and so where the bass. Never good... The bait was scattered, not concentrated bait balls. No arcs under them either.

Went to a spot I know had fish, and caught more unders. A guy prefishing for Bass Champs caught a 4lber. right next to us.  :mad:

We then noticed that the fishfinder time was an hour behind, so our planning was all messed up.  ::) This was with an hour to go.  :p

Decided to fish what I had in front of me, and started to pick apart the docks. Caught 10 fish on a drop-shot in 30'-40', all under 14" though. Then, I got the bite I was looking for. Set the hook, and had the fish give a hard pull back. Kinda frightening with 7lb. test, but that Sunline is TOUGH. I have never heard my drag go like that before, this fish pulled drag nonstop for over 10 seconds, and then tried to go for the cables. Did all I could to keep him out, and got him out. Then, got him to the boat, and all of a sudden, the hook pops out!  :-? :-/ I was mad, but at least I didn't see him. The guy I was with saw him though, and said it was every bit of 9lbs.  :'( He saw it for a few seconds when it was next to the boat before the hook popped out.

Made a cast back to the same spot, caught a fish at 13.99".  :cool: Called it quits and went back to the ramp.

Tough day, caught 20 or so fish, all at 13" or smaller.

Congrats to the winner though.

Monday 1/26- Bank Fishing  ;D
Time: 5:15PM-6PM
Weather: 65 degrees, 6-8MPH winds. Cloudy and drizzly.
H2O: Stained and chalky

Went for 45mins with my Dad and a friend. I've caught quite a few fish there the past 2 weeks, averaging 7-8 fish a trip.

Once I got the right bait on, it was over. Caught 4 in 4 casts, 3 of which were 14" keepers. Where were they this weekend!  ;D

Caught 3 more in 15mins, and left. My Dad had 4, one was close to 4lbs.

Not too bad for a short trip. Gonna try to get out there again, see if I can get some more, maybe go for just the big bite there.  ;D

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Great Report! Good to hear you still got 20 in the boat considering how tough it's been even on Travis lately. Especially with all these cold fronts lately... Seems like every time I go out there's another front on the way.

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Thanks for the detailed report. Never fun to loose a real nice fish. It is only going to get better as the season goes on. :)

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Good report Regan,  I had a great time as well.  Hopefully we can catch a better bag of fish next time.  I'll add to the report that I also caught a white bass and graphed a ton of them in Cypress creek out in the main channel for you guys wanting to fill the ice box.  Caught it jigging in 30 ft.

Oh, and if you know the guy that took you out for the trip and his boat wouldn't start in the near freezing temps, tell him the Starting battery is probably the problem. If he gets a new starting battery he won't have that problem, seen it before.
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