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Headed out early this morning, got on the water at about 7:30a. Launched at Cypress Creek, it was a bit cold until the sun came up. Headed over to Devil's Cove and worked the bluffs with a Baby Rattlesnake on a shakey head rig, ended up with 3, the biggest being about 2#s. All of the fish came from the sunny side of the cove. After that headed over to Lakeway trying to follow The Collectors advice from yesterday and was only able to scrounge up 2 dinks from around the boat docks just past Lakeway, again in the sunny sections. My last stop was the area behind "The Pier" I changed to a T-rigged Kut Tail worm and picked up 3 more one being the biggest of the day, about 3#s. All in all it was nice to get out today, its been awhile since I have been out on Travis, its very full right now with the draw down on LBJ. Thinking about going out again tomorrow, but might hit up Town Lake, gonna play it by ear.....
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