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Didn’t do much to speak of on Good Friday. Launched on Saturday afternoon around 2pm at Sandy Creek. Fished in the immediate area with crank bait and plastic worm…nothing. Got checked by the game warden. Ran down towards the lower lake a little bit. All I caught was the rain. After about an hour and a half of nothing, I went to one of my spots where I have previously caught fish... a rocky bank of one of the creeks. (Being on Travis, that really gives the location away  :)).

First two consecutive casts, BAM. I cruised that bank twice and caught about 10 LMB on a crank bait. They were nothing worth taking a picture of though, but they were fun and just kept hitting. Headed back towards Sandy Creek and fished a couple more areas. Caught about 6 more LMB and a few hybrids (judging by the broken lines down the side). Caught about 20 fish in a couple of hours. All fish were caught real close to the bank in shallow water, with rattling shad crank bait. Had to make myself quit at around 6:30 to get home. By that time the wind had died down, and it was real pleasant and I didn’t want to leave.
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