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Lake report Bastrop

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I had the opportunity to take two HEB managers fishing today on Lake Bastrop. Mr.Matt and MR.Dave had a good day today. They boated 60fish today before 12pm. It was a windy day and COOOLD.
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What did you catch them on? Are they still in the hotwater outlet? They were a couple weeks ago but I thought they had slowed down. Thats a real good day on bastrop for the weather.
Yes the fish are still in the hot water outlet we fished there till 9:30am and then hit back water coves. I did see some beds but no fish on them. I think the cold moved them off the beds. I had very good luck with a snag proof frog also spinner baits.
Sounds like a great trip Bo! It was probably lucky for the fish that is was so cold.
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