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thats what bastrop should be called. feeling like you are not a good angler? go to bastrop!

followed a truck all the way from elgin to north shore. couple of high school buddies hitting the water. we chatted a bit about strategy and what's been working. one fella wanted to head straight for the discharge, but the back seat wanted to fish out the no wake zone. good choice as the front seat (the one that wanted to hit the discharge) let a fish off at the boat then picked up another before the end of the zone.

meanwhile i headed for the spot i intended to start with all along, the west point of cedar cove. i got bit immediately on a blue fleck (rage tail calls it plum crazy) in 8fow then again, and again and again. alas, i only boated two. i moved down the bank toward the foot bridge and picked up another. i decided to go to the back of the cove near the bridge and picked up three more in the trees and missed a couple more. i moved into cedar cove stoked about the morning, but the fish decided to call it quits. i fished the cove hard, but found no other takers so i moved back to my starting point and nabbed two more. decided to move across to the bank to the left of the spillway hoping to repeat the pattern somewhat, but the wind absolutely DIED. i switched to a calfiornia 420 lizard and got bit a few times and boated two of them. i moved down to amen corner and found no luck
the spousal unit requested POL via text so i knew she was ready for me to come home. i had 11 and wanted an even dozen so i fished down the bank toward the south shore where i had done good a couple of weeks ago, but i ended with 11. none of them were the elusive 5-7lber.

also the black/blue nitro 19 was out there. anyone know who he is? we seem to fish the same lakes at the same time often. he was loading up when i pulled out. i wanted to wait, but dude took forever so i left.

took a few picks, but hadda post this one. such a pretty fish!

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