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To fish on this lake, you have to know someone or rent one of the many rental homes on the water..

Lake McQueeney is located in Guadalupe County approximately two miles west of Seguin. The pond area is 400 acres with a storage capacity of 5,050 acre-feet. The lake's prominent feature is Treasure Island, a residential area reached by a connecting bridge. Most of the lake is approximately 10 feet deep, with deeper sections along the center channel.

No public access. [/highlight]

General Recreation
Boating, water skiing, jet skiing and fishing. Lake McQueeney is home to the 'Ski-Bees' ski club and is used heavily year-round by water skiers.

Game species include largemouth bass, Guadalupe bass, striped bass, crappie and catfish. Largemouths spawn on McQueeney from late February into mid-April. Fishing early or late in the day minimizes contact with water recreation. Purple-yellow and black-chartreuse 4-inch plastic worms are good baits, as are a black jig 'n' pig (winter) and surface baits in hot weather. Throw around all structures on Treasure Island waterfront, especially during spawning periods. Look to rocky and gravel areas for Guadalupe bass, which follow same seasonal patterns as largemouths. Most stripers, which reach more than 15 pounds, are caught by anglers fishing for largemouths. Crappie are taken on medium minnows and jigs around the boat docks and under lily pads near the bridge. Trotlines and juglines are permitted for catfish (mostly channels and yellows). Channels in the 3-pound range are common. [highlight]McQueeney held the state record for yellow catfish (104 pounds) for more than 30 years[/highlight]. Popular baits are chicken liver, worms, french fries and hot dogs soaked in fish attractor.

General Division Office
933 East Court Street, Seguin, TX 78155
Phone: 830-379-5822
Fax: 830-379-9718


Water Body Records for McQueeney
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