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Hit up McQueeney with a buddy on Monday afternoon. Man was it HOT!!! Sometimes I miss the breeze you get at the larger bodies of water, the trees out there block about 90% of what wind there is.

First fish was right at 4 lbs off some cypress roots, and hit a dry spell for a few hours after that. Did catch a few dinks, but water temp being 86-90 definetely hurt the bite.

Went down to the bridge to fish that area, and got quite the hassle from the local skiers. (Please somebody pitch in if this has happened to you.) After about the third boat drove past us (seriously within 12-15 ft) while pulling skiers and throwing a huge wake (as wakeboard boats do very well)--I had this old lady (60-65) yell at us "theres no fishing around the bridge) as she pulls a 4-5 year old on a tube rt under the bridge. She says "can't you read the sign", and she points to it.

So I troll over to the sign which reads:

[highlight]-no towing skiers or inflateables within 100 ft of bridge
-no fishing within 100 ft of bridge
and there is a sign on both sides of the BRIDGE reading "NO WAKE SPEED"[/highlight]

Maybe I am the only one out there that was literate? I was breaking one rule, and these jokers are breaking the other two, but somehow I am the only one who shouldn't be there.

Sorry I had to vent, but man I just get sick and tired of arrogant/ignorant/ and obviously illiterate boaters.

On to the rest of the trip. Started flipping docks and brush right before dark and caught approx 15 fish in 30 minutes. Biggest around 3 lbs. All caught in 3 ft or less on beavers and senkos. All in all a decent trip, but I will hit up Dunlap next trip. water temp in the 77-80 range, I have been catching as much or better there.

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Yes, there hasn't been a public ramp out there for a couple years, from what I have been told. I have a friend that lives on the lake, and has a private ramp for the nsubdivision he lives in, so we launch there.

Not quite sure how the homeowners can hi-jack a lake like that, but they seem to have certainly done just that. I have heard that TPW is not stocking the lake, due to no public access--which can't be good for the long term. I guess TPW is monitoring and servicing the dam and gates, but seems to me that if they control the dam they should control the lake.

From what I have seen out there (skiers without life jackets(very common), jet skies roaming the lake in pure darkness, and of course the bridge issue--mentioned above) I guess the Game Wardens do not police these waters. Seems like a real problem, but until TPW takes control things will stay the same.

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To fish on this lake, you have to know someone or rent one of the many rental homes on the water..

Lake McQueeney is located in Guadalupe County approximately two miles west of Seguin. The pond area is 400 acres with a storage capacity of 5,050 acre-feet. The lake's prominent feature is Treasure Island, a residential area reached by a connecting bridge. Most of the lake is approximately 10 feet deep, with deeper sections along the center channel.

No public access. [/highlight]

General Recreation
Boating, water skiing, jet skiing and fishing. Lake McQueeney is home to the 'Ski-Bees' ski club and is used heavily year-round by water skiers.

Game species include largemouth bass, Guadalupe bass, striped bass, crappie and catfish. Largemouths spawn on McQueeney from late February into mid-April. Fishing early or late in the day minimizes contact with water recreation. Purple-yellow and black-chartreuse 4-inch plastic worms are good baits, as are a black jig 'n' pig (winter) and surface baits in hot weather. Throw around all structures on Treasure Island waterfront, especially during spawning periods. Look to rocky and gravel areas for Guadalupe bass, which follow same seasonal patterns as largemouths. Most stripers, which reach more than 15 pounds, are caught by anglers fishing for largemouths. Crappie are taken on medium minnows and jigs around the boat docks and under lily pads near the bridge. Trotlines and juglines are permitted for catfish (mostly channels and yellows). Channels in the 3-pound range are common. [highlight]McQueeney held the state record for yellow catfish (104 pounds) for more than 30 years[/highlight]. Popular baits are chicken liver, worms, french fries and hot dogs soaked in fish attractor.

General Division Office
933 East Court Street, Seguin, TX 78155
Phone: 830-379-5822
Fax: 830-379-9718


Water Body Records for McQueeney
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