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Made a little road trip and stayed at a cabin on Lake Limestone over the weekend. 125 miles (2 hours from Cedar Park) not a bad drive. Overall, the lake appeared to be down between 2-3 feet, which I thought shouldn't be a big deal, but this is a very shallow lake already, and we had to idle 2 MILES from the cabin to get to water over 3 feet deep, a few spots I was just churning mud.

Water temps were 85 degrees, air temps were 103+, which made fishing during the day pretty tough. Early morning and late in the evenings, we found fish would hit a topwater and chase a spinnerbait around mainlake points, but that would all end at 9AM.

I was lucky enough to stumble on a part of the lake that held deep water (15FOW is deep on this lake) - took a Yamamoto cuttail on a shakey head and caught a dozen or so of 2-4 pound fish over the course of the weekend, key was to be around rocks. When I did stumble upon a deeper dock, there was usually brush around it, and it was good for a keeper here and there.

Overall, it's a very cool lake, but unless you know the lake I would wait until it fills up a few feet before I went again. Once that happens, and it's not 103 degrees outside it should be pretty sweet as it seems every other boat dock has brush underneath it and there is just tons of stuff to flip and pitch to.

Thanks to everybody that sent me PM's ;D

Oh, the entire Dam is off limits, and I mean from the entire length of the dam to almost 1/4 mile out from it. I saw all the bouys and thought maybe it was for ski boats or something....anyways, game warden wrote me a nice little ticket for the oversight ::) - be careful.

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I basically grew up on Limestone. It can be a very interesting place. You were apparently up in running branch marina. even when the lake is full that cove can be difficult to navigate, There just doesnt seem to be a clear channel anywhere. But its about the only place to camp. I would suggest you stay there and trailer to the ramp over by the damn (sterling ramp) or P.M. me and I could give you the location of a un-marked community ramp thats even closer. Either ramp is a lot quicker drive than trying to navigate that cove. There is some deep water on the lake approacing 30'. But your right most is pretty shallow. Theres a couple of shallow sand bars normally good for a lot of whites in the summer but it seems to be an off year for them. The lake is full of good size channels and blues and the bass fishing from time to time can be outstanding. If you did that well in August I can't imagine how youd do in the fall or early spring. The most amazing thing about that lake is that it recieves so little pressure, I bet there were times that you didn't see another boat for several hours. Bad luck getting ticketed you rarely see the warden out there. Anyhow congrats on a nice trip, I'd definantly suggest it again when it cools down. P.M me if you need any info
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