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Anyone have any info on Lake Lewisville. What the primary structure/cover. Trying to look through some old Bassmaster magazines for info. Any info is appreciated. :D

Vertical Lures is sponsoring a tournament there March 1st. Trying to fit it in the schedule.


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Here is some info. in case anyone is interested.

The Dallas / Ft. Worth Region of American Bass Anglers will be hosting an "open team" tournament sponsored by "Vertical Lures" at Lake Lewisville on Saturday March 1st. A portion of the proceeds from this tournament will be donated to the "Britteny Lindt Fund" to help make our area lakes a safer place for all of us!

The first twenty teams registering will receive an assortment of the new "Vertical Lures" innovative baits !!

When: Saturday March 1st

Where: Lake Lewisville - Lewisville Lake Park, Ramp #2

Entry: $70 Per Team or Individual
(You do not need to be an ABA member to compete)

BIG BASS: $10 Option

Registration will open at 5:00am at the staging area, Ramp #2. Tournament hours are 7:00am - 3:30pm.

This tournament is an excellent pre-fish opportunity for those fishing the BFL tournament on March 8th !!!

About Vertical Lures......

The "Jig X" broke the mold with a 100% protected knot/line tie. Now, get an added edge by securely by attaching the "Chunk X Sling", which pulls any trailer back into the original resting position! Combine a fat stick bait with two jig trailers and you have the new "Tube X" 4 legs flaring at 90%. This innovtaive line of baits is a must have for your arsenal!

Many "Vertical Lures" Pro-Staff anglers will be on hand.

For more information check out our web site at or contact Scott Gordon at 214-801-2611.

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Lewiskill is a diverse lake, you can fish flooded timber, grass, boat docks, sea walls, rip rap, marinas, etc in any given day. Every time a major tournament goes there, it takes heavy stingers to win, heck KVD caught the lake record out there throwing a shakey head against the dam.
I would pick one of the major creeks and stick to learning it in your prefishing, don't be afraid to fish shallow...should be lots of vegetation to cast at. Also, it's a brushpile kind of lake. The lake was really, really low a few years ago and lots of folks had a hayday out there setting brushpiles and pvc fish attractors, I would spend some time with a big jig or crankbait and my sonar trying to locate a handful if I could.
A ton of hybrid white bass and regular white bass inhabit the lake, and even more shad and other types of baitfish...
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