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Spent the weekend fishing the two day Gone Fishing For Kids Tournament hosted by River City Grill and TTZ.  An absolute amazing event - TTZ really brought the A game for this tournament complete with a fully rigged weigh in trailer and drive in weigh in on Sunday with release tanks.

Friday night River City Grill hosted the anglers on the Big Bass Deck downstairs and it was complete with live music, food and cold beer!  Doesn't get any better than that!

For the fishing report:

Fished with Tim (Marine0311) from ABF and had a blast both days.  It was both our first time on the lake so we started from scratch Saturday and found a creek that was holding a ton of fish, but they all had the short tail disease.  We probably waded through 25 fish Saturday to scratch out 3 small keepers.  Sunday we tried to target deeper boat docks and had another 3 keepers, with maybe 10 fish caught all day.  Both days we fished midlake around the McNair park area, with most of our bites coming on spinner baits, small TX rigged creature baits and wacky Senkos Sunday.

The fish on LBJ and President LBJ legacy have one thing in common - they both have tempers.  Most of our fish we caught deep inside boat docks skipping senkos or throwing a spinner bait as far as we could get it inside the boat dock.  Each day we lost a giant fish due to the fact that as soon as they feel the hook they make a figure 8 around a few dock pylons and they are gone.  Saw both fish before they broke off.  

Thanks to Tim (Marine0311) for fishing with me both days.  After he executed a great skip under a dock I made the comment "Good cast man" - he says the first time he ever flipped, skipped or pitched a bait was Saturday morning after seeing me do it.  Classic watch and learn - he is a quick study and a great fishing partner.

Check out the TTZ website and ABF for a full write up and coverage of the event coming soon.

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Thanks TDub, we really appreciate you and all the ABF folks for supporting this tourney. We could not have done it without you guys!

We'll have the full story and all the pics up soon. It was a great time, and looking at around $13,000 (from the raffle and donations from the Marble Falls Chamber, Burnet County, and Choke Canyon Lodge) to charity after all is said and done. Not a bad deal, considering 100% payback for the event.

Just wait till you see what's in store for next year!

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Agreed, great event and great folks. Lance and I despite trolling motor difficulties among other things had a killer time and caught some good fish.

We did have a better day size wise Sunday than we did Saturday, Lance and I got to see the biggest fish either of us had ever seen hit a top water crush his. She came up a shook her head and and I almost fell out of the boat. She then took a dive underneath the boat and broke off before I could get a net or my hands on her. I know it made Lance and I both sick then, but now I think how cool it was just for the opportunity to see fish like that, and fish with a good stick that has been on such a roll.  :)

All in all, enjoyed the hell out of it guys. Going from 24 boats the first year to 100 the second, you've really got something great going, can't imagine what the numbers will be next year, I know I'll be there.  
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