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Went out saturday night for a hour and cought 7 bass. we cought them off wacky rigs in a back cove in horse shoe bay in about 5' of water. we woke up at 6:00am and went out at 6:20am and headed for the power plant discharge. they were stacked up on the banks and cought 4 back to back off of black and red 5" stick worms wacky rigged. one was 2.5 pounds and the other 3 were 1 pounders. after that we went and fished some docks across the horseshoe bay marina. we cought 4 there off wacky rig again that were 1.5 pounders. then we went to go fish by the yacht club docks in horseshoe bay and cought a 4.75 pounder of black and red wacky rig. we cought a few more around that area that were around 1.5 pounds. we went and fished a back cove by apple island area and cought crappie off a wacky rig witch was wierd and we cough 3 bass in that cove. later we went to wilderness cove in the back cove and had a 6 pounder on that broke off. we got a a 3.5 pounder off a buzz bait in that cove too and 4 other bass around 1.5 pounds. It was a good day of bass fishing. we mainly fished back coves because it was very windy. we cought a tatal of 24 bass.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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