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Decided to try Georgetown this morning with my 2 brothers on the boat. You can imagine all the smacktalk between 3 brothers.

Hit the water at 6am, was at our first site before the sun came up fished the cove next to Jim Hogg ramp and nada, zip, zilch.

Moved around some and found 2 nice 3b fish off the banks on SB. Saw small whites schooling so we stopped and caught a dozen or so of them before they checked out.

Went down to the cove across from Cedar breaks around 10:30 and caught another 8-10 small and medium size blacks, they were chasing shad in the trees. Lost one nice 5lb fish in that same cove. Caught all fis in the cove on roadrunners with white mister twister tails. Water temps a nice cool 85, left around 12:30 for a shower and nap.
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