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I took my little 4yr old boy fishing with me this morning. He helps me get kitchen passes a little easier.

We did pretty good. The lake is about 3 feet high which makes for some really fun fishing. Many of the bushes and grass that came up when the lake was low are now in the water. In the morning the bait is coming up shallow and so are the fish. Caugh several nice slot fish on a Pop R thowing between the bushes and along the outside edge first thing in the morning. As the sun came up, I started catching them on a spinner bait until I lost the bigger blade on a cast, I guess it wobbled itself off of the split ring. I did not have another T1 with a colorado blade, so I put one on with a willow blade and could not catch anymore. I then switched to a shakey head on the points, and picked up a few more unders and a couple more slot fish. Over all I did pretty good for having to keep my son entertained in between his 5 minute spurts of fishing.

Overall I caught 9 unders, and 8 slot fish. I was off the water by 11am when it started to get too steamy for me with no wind.
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