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I got out yesterday AM; didn't have near the success TexasZX225 had.

Started out at 6am, fishing by the bluffs and tree line near Hogg park, had one small blow up on my gunfish.  After that, I tried everything on points and secondary points; nothing.

Around 10:30 fishing a fluke, I hooked into one good one at the bluffs across from Russell park, lost it at the boat.  Went back to the same brush pile 20 min. later hooked what I believe was the same fish and got him in the boat this time.  It was about 2lbs. and had seen better days; its left eye was sunken and not in good shape.  Nice fighter though.

Oh yeah,
Temp: Freakin' hot
Water Temp:  87 degrees
Wind:  Slight to none
Low traffic for Georgetown
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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