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AirFob and I rolled out to G-town to fish the Maynard Bros T.  :eek:

Guess we did not get beaten down enough last night. Oh well, it was more about checking my buddy's new Ranger, and just trash fishing a new lake. ( for us )

Started out with two bites in the first two mins, ( they were short ) but, we thought it was going to be good....... NOT.

Mainly worked the DS and SH in 5' to 30' of water trying to put something in the bucket.

Finally caught one swimmer, a 13''.

Got the call from 520VX that Lil Sista caught a toad. So we packed it in to go check it out.

A Toad it was.... Chunked our 13'' back and trailered the boat.

29 teams fished Gtown tonight.

Here was the 1 fish and BB winner !!!

Lil Sista  :eek: with a 7.9 lbs !!

Even Ronnie Maynard was surprised. ( He does not get surprised easy !!! )

" What? You Caught this One !!! " That is right Man, Lil' Sista can bring it !!!

And finally the cash $$$$ 449.00 for 2 nd and BB. Way to go Lil Sista !!!!!!!!

Fun times.. Might see me and fob out there again some year....


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Winning stringer was 11.7, including two overs (largest 5 lbs. 1 oz.) and three unders. G-Town slot is 14"-18". The 5 pounder was caught at 9:00 p.m. Never give up! G-Town can be a tough lake, but it can payoff with a little patience and lots of time learning. Me and my bud Russell fished almost every tourn. last year without a sniff.

This should be a good year on G-Town lots of slot fish and they are really looking good. Some of the best looking fish in area lakes.

Congratulations Lil Sista, that was a beautiful sow.

Ronnie and Eddie are good people and run a tight little Thurs tourn.

I have enjoyed reading this forum for a while, this is my first post (first time had anything to contribute (re: brag) about. Lots of good info. and enough humor to keep it real. Thanks everybody.

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Lee, it was good meeting you and Debbie out there last night. Congrats on the the second place finish and Big Bass, sure is a great way to break in the new Ranger!

First time fishing Gtown for me, I know there are decent fish in there from previous posts but man that lake appears so infertile. Out of the 10 fish EA and I caught only one was above 12".

Ronnie and Eddie ran a great T for sure, well organized and light-hearted.

JeffC, welcome to the board and congrats on the win. Champ203, with 29 teams last night third place probably paid a decent amount as's always good to take home some money!

It would be nice to hear more results from those Gtown jackpots, might interest more people to get out there and fish if they knew good fish were being caught and the amount of teams participating.

Congrats again Debbie, beautiful fish!

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You know, Airfob... every time I go out.. the OTHER person outfishes me.. so, one day you will have to go out with me and you'll catch fish!


p.s. diclaimer: the past few times we fished for whites and by "outfishing..." it sometimes simply means they caught SOMEthing bigger.. not a given it was a Bass.. lol

I am focusing on whites right now, but when I get time I want to figure out those pesky blacks and lmb ;)
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