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Lake Georgetown 2/7

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I decided to take the boy out and run the boat a little since it had not been out of the garage since mid October, due to conflicts with hunting.

I got my first Skunk ever from this lake. The water was a lot colder than I had hoped. Most of the lake was between 46 and 48. The cove across from Cedar breaks was at 50. It was pretty windy which added some additional challenges to help my son keep in line in the water. We tried bouncing some deep diving crank baits off of the rocks, a slow shakey head, a slow jig with twin tail trailer. We focused on the steaper banks with chunk rock and we hit some of the premade log piles that were in 15-20 feet of water. I cannot say if I ever had a bite.

We fished from 1:30pm to 5pm. Everyone we talked to, also had skunks in their boat, which made me feel a little better. My 5 year old son did land a pretty good sized cedar branch which provided some pretty great entertainment while he reeled it in. He was pretty proud of it, and we did take a picture for mom. We left in time to catch the end of the first quarter.

I had not seen many posts on Georgetown, so I thought everyone would like a report on the water temp. It is a cold lake, I don't think I have ever seen it below 50 before. You might want to wait for a warming spell before heading out there.
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Went out to G-Town today the wind was really rough, caught one 14" but that is it
Thanks for the report. I agree that the water on GT tends to be a little on the cold side but 46-50 is pretty dang cold.
I wouldn't feel too bad about getting skunked on Georgetown.. I believe that's a pretty common thing..
I was out yesterday in my kayak and andy was in his john boat. I got a big fat skunk and andy got 1 14". it was windy and real choppy. on my way back to the launch I got stopped dead in my paddle with 1.5' breaking the bow.
I'll bet the temp will be down more tomarrow with it beenig 2 in Gtown today, it 16 here in Llano the morning.
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