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Went to lake fork for the Skeeter tournament this weekend. We got there on Thursday and did some fishing during the day and caught a few fish but nothing with any size. Thursday night we decided to do a little night fishing. I ended up catching a 8.5, 8, 5 and multiple smaller fish. All fish caught on a 100yard stretch of bank off of a mainlake point. I caught all my fish on a grande bass mutant in black and blue. Hopefully the pics work :)



Fished the skeeter tournament on Sat and Sunday and never got into fish worth weighing in. Caught some under fish to around 2lbs and some slot fish. Had a buddy win one of the hourly weigh ins and got to fish with a pro in the skeeter shootout. Fun tournament again this year and looking forward to next year.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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