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Saw the weather forecast showing no wind and decided to head out to Fayette. The forecast was accurate, calm and clear, unlike most of my other trips to Fayette. The water was stained, temp 76-79.

Got in the water about 7:15 and went straight to the dam. Started off with a crank bait and boated 3x then switched to a watermelon seed Fluke. All caught in 12'-15'. I came across a couple of guys from Waco who said they had caught over 70 a couple of weeks ago at the dam.

Caught 14 more until they quit which was about 10:30. Stayed until 1:00 but nothing more, anywhere I went, so I decided to leave and head home before the traffic in Austin chokes up.

All in all, a beautiful day and a didn't being blown around by the wind.

Don't understand it, but when they quit biting on Fayette, that's it, they seem to quit everywhere on that lake.
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