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Lake Dunlap, 8/3 - AM

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Lake Dunlap 8/3
Launch: IH35 New Braunfels
Time on water: 6:00am - 12:00pm
Average Water Temp: 80 degrees

First off I must say it is great to have such a awesome step father. My step father has been my greatest friend in life and a fishing partner for generations to come. He taught me to fish at 10 years old, now I'm 32. It was great to see him catch a big bass today, after all I think all sons unsually end up out fishing their dad eventually. Dad teaches us his tricks, then he probably wishes he didn't. I'm sure I'm not the only one who usually out fishes the one that taught them.... I guess I'll just have to let him catch a few big ones more often. Just kidding...he killed them today, I only had three LMB's.

His big fish weighed 6 lb - 11oz. caught on a topwater propeller bait around 7:00am.

My best today was a 1 lb - 14oz. caught on a wacky rigged senko.....

All fish caught today around or within 15 feet of docks.
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You are so lucky to have a relationship with your step-father like that, and you sound like a great son yourself! You are blessed.

Sounds like me and my father in law, a better friend and fishing partner no man could have, and I had him for 14 years until he passed away in 2003. Spent a lot of great, quality time with that man in a boat, which is the HIGHEST quality time you can have, IMHO.

Tell your dad congrats on the 6 pounder!! :)
Thank you Fishin_Steeler. I know I got very lucky to get such a great step dad!
Great report...My best fishing bud, grandpa passed away 2-years ago....But ABF has filled that need to learn and fish with friends....


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thats a fat lipped toad right there ;D
Thanks for posting the picture. It was the biggest bass we have caught out of Dunlap in years. Relesed to grow bigger.
That's one of my favorite docks in the back groud.  ;D

Just kidding... Nice fish. Dunlap is a great lake when it hasn't been flooded out and the ski boats are not out... haven't been down there in while.
Yeah in 2003 while fishing in a tournament I caught a near 4 lbs small mouth bass from Dunlap, but didn't cross my mind that it was the lake Record and I let it go after weigh-in. Big bass of the tournament that day was 7 lbs... there are big fish in the lake, but they can be harder to catch than fish on Lake Austin at times.

Current record...
Bass, Smallmouth 3.81 lbs 20.50 Apr 30, 2005 Kenn Link
This lake used to be great when it had Hydrilla. The water was crystal clear and there were lots of bass in the 3-4 pound range. Home owners said the grass was a hendrance and bought grass carp to get rid of the hydrilla.
Go figure
My Step Dad and I back in the late 80's would almost always catch a couple 5lb lmb's every trip. Now it's more common to catch the 3lb - 4lb size. Although, my cousin caught a 8lb lmb three months ago. There is pleanty of lilly pads and grass, but I haven't seen any hydrilla in years. It's not uncommon to see big carp rolling the surface... BIG carp!!!

The skiers don't start showing up till about 11:00am, so there is alwys plenty of time to get some good quality fishing in the am.

Best of luck to anyone that goes to fish there, and please post a report if you do. I think I'm the only one who does??

I live in Circle C and it usually takes about 45 minutes to get there, not very far away...
Nice fish!

It's like my Dad and I, he taught me to fish last year. And, I outfish him every trip! ;D ;D ;D

That lake looks like LA kinda, and sounds a lot like it too. (wakeboarders out at 11AM, hydrilla getting killed, couple of 5lbers a trip)
My cousin bowfishes that lake and he says they see HUGE bass in there at night, but when he goes back during they day, they seem to all dissappear.
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