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a club tourney at Lake Dunlap
water- clear to 2-3 feet then stained downward
temp- outside from 53 at 7am to 72 at 4pm
         water 63 at 7am (boat ramp) to 67 at 4pm
lures- baby brush hogs, rattlesnakes, and senkos
weather- cloudy/sunshines at different times

the tourney was great! the top guy with 5 fishes at 12.15. not exactly the best of the best! but he was awesome today! hell of a nice guy too! 4 of his keepers came from one schooling.
the lunker belong to 5-20 with 4 something lbs.

major thanks to snakebit for giving me the general idea of how to fish on this lake. an awesome board brother that he is!  ;)

as for us? my partner was the only one with a keeper. we caught several dinks at several spots. but the highlight of the day was in the afternoon when my partner hooked up a 29.06 lbs blue cat off a baby brush hog on 15 lbs line. i know this is a bass section but we were targetting dem!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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