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Time: 7:30AM-10AM
Weather: High of 55, winds NNW at 20MPH, gusts to 25MPH/
H2O: Stained, off-colored. 1ft. visibility

Launched at the old sailboat ramp with my Dad to prefish Decker. Rolled up onto my first spot, and had a couple once I located it. Caught a few unders, and one over 19". Close to 4lbs.

19"er on Decker

Moved from there after I knew there was a good amount. Went to another cove and caught 3 more keepers right away.

Got too windy and we had to be back. Ended with 4 keepers in a few hours, not too bad. It was a good prefish. Bite really turned on when the wind picked up.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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