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Lake Buchanan-Sept 29th

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Moonraker and I launched at Black Rock Free Boat Ramp at 6:30am this cool Wednesday morning. Air temp was 57 degrees. Water temp was 77 degrees.  

Started at first light, David caught a 5.71lb LMB on baby brush hog. After sun-up, we went looking for schooling striper on lower end of lake. Never found any. I found some white bass in 20 feet of water, with 1oz jigging spoons. Caught and Release 6-8 of them...Also caught a couple undersized hybrids..

OUCH, I got one of the treble hooks buried into the base of my thumb, after a hybrid got off while trying to lip him. After I numbed the spot up with ice, David wrapped some braid around the base of hook and jerked...OUCH again, but back to fishing I went...David continued to catch LMB in 15 feet of water using caroline rigged brush hogs. I tried several other types of lures with limited luck. Off the water at 1pm.

Winds were out of NE at 10-15 mph, early...calming to zero when we left at 1pm.

Off to Fayette on Thursday afternoon, then onto POC for redfishing at jetties till Sunday...

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Ouch!!! Hope you took steps to avoid infection.

Looks like a tough schedule over the next few days. good luck with it.
The bull reds should be present off the big jetties at POC, if you can keep those pesky blacktips form devouring most of your bait.
I recommend saving the ice for keeping the beer cold and using the beer to numb up the wound...

Hope it heals allright man, no fun!
Good report...I can remember a time not that long ago when David didn't know much about the CR...seems he's an expert now! BTW, do you guys ever work? :-?
I have been working all summer and not fishing much..This week I am off..and fishing hard!

I needed a couple shots of whiskey earlier, but managed.

Looking forward to posting more pics and reports.Fall into Wintertime is my favorite time of fishing.
5A6F7375787C791D0 said:
I recommend saving the ice for keeping the beer cold and using the beer to numb up the wound...
My thoughts almost. Always keep a little "medicinal" whiskey in the "first aid" kit. Ice is an excellent, albeit short acting anesthetic though. I once sutured a wound in my hand with ice as my only anesthetic. Tying the knot was a challenge though!

Yeah, rough schedule there: stopping by at Fayette "on the way" to POC. Not sure how due east is on the way, but I appreciate the motivation: got get some baits (lmb) for the bullreds!
:D ;D
Were there any fish busting on top of the water?
6F707C6F6C68746E1D0 said:
Always keep a little "medicinal" whiskey in the "first aid" kit.
Well there you have it.  Doctors orders!  Can't argue with that.  Time to inventory my first aid kit and get it squared away...  

Hope you get on a solid coastal bite R77.  Look forward to seeing the next report. Don't forget the camera!
Thanks for the report Robert. I know how those hooks can turn on you.
Good Luck Robert, RO how do you get a Qt bottle in that little plaastic box?????? ;) ;) ;D
You seriously need to stop sticking yourself with hooks...


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