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This is a little late getting post. Fished Lake Buchanan on 1/3 with three friends. We launched at 7:30AM and targeted main lake points in 20+ feet of water with dark plastics, Nada. Later in the morning I threw a watermellon red trick worm at the shore and bang, first fish of the day, LMB not quite a keeper. Kept throwing the trick worm and kept getting bit. Caught six, the smallest was about 1#, largest just under 3#.

Key seemed to be transistion in shoreline from rock to sand or vice versa, with almost all fish coming from 3 to 15 feet of water. Everyone that threw the wmr trick worm caught fish. One angler caught about an 18" stripper on a Tenessee shad crank bait. The fish had clear eyes, but the fish had no belly. I actually looked like the fish had sucked in it's belly. Very strange looking. Overall a great time.
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