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Cub Scout Pack 685 camped at Camp Tahuaya this weekend. Camp Tahuaya is a beautiful, heavily forested 150 acre camp outside Belton. The lake is fed from the largest natural spring in Texas.

The rain let up after breakfast. We all walked up to the camp gate for the opening announcements. After the flag ceremony, the pack descended on the lake with an army of boys intent on snatching the lips off all the sunfish. The Tigers, Wolves and Bears were equipped with spin-cast or open-faced reels and cast from the bluffs. A patrol of Webelos with fly rods plied the shallows. The Cubs and Webelos caught lots of bream and released them all.

I headed uplake to find some largemouth. I scampered along the bank, looking for openings. I found a narrow perch above a laydown. My flipping skills with casting gear are nearly non-existent and this was a chance to improve them. I got a little better. I began to hit targets with the TR BBB green pumpkin sticktail stickworm. I flipped the main trunk of the laydown and was rewarded with a bass. I continued along the bank and caught two more on the Big Bites Bait. I switched to a watermelon senko and got two back to back. It was time for the cubs to cook us supper, so we all headed back to camp.

This morning we broke camp and headed back to town. After catching up on the chores, the beautiful weather beckoned me back outside.

A forum member tipped me off to a local pond that I was unaware of. I followed his detailed instructions and found it. I got over there at 2:30pm. Post-frontal bluebird skies and gusting north wind, high-pressure midday sun and muddy water. What, me worry? I worked my TR sticktail along the bank and caught two, see the last picture. Thanks, Brother!
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