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Arrived park late on Thursday evening. Was only able to fish a few hours in the high winds with NO FISH in the boat. Winds gusting to 30mph out of the South.

Friday, JJAM and I launched at 7am out of South Shore Boat Ramp. Winds were out of the South at 10-15mph. Fished all over the place, and finally found a large area of schooling bass, near dam. Caught bass from 10" to 19". Caught and release a lot of bass. No overs. Plenty of slot fish. Most fish caught on Baby Torpedo in CLEAR. Also caught some on a white ice fluke. Water was 91 degrees near dam and over 100 at discharge. There were several boat in the area too, all catching fish. Must of caught 20-30 bass with most in the slot. Did catch 5 from 13"-13.99" Kept for fish fry.

On Saturday morning, launched at 7am. Joe, Chris and I looked for bigger fish in grass, without any success. Then moved over to dam area, and started to see fish busting surface at 8am or so. A lot of boats! Only few fish caught, mostly small.  Had our 4 under-sized bass out of fishing schools. Then moved past North Shore and Chris caught a nice 4lber, bass within the slot. At noontime, moved to main lake point, across lake from South Shore Park. Found our last keeper, caught by Chris.

The BABY, CLEAR TORPEDO was the lure of choice for schooling bass this week. Must move it or crank it fast, to get a bite, but was fun seeing all the bass under the one you catch, too.

Really strange catching bass that small to weigh in....

Placed 3rd..

Pics coming!

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Fob and I launched Fri about 5p or so. Found Rude and Z Dawg and followed them around waiting on the schoolies.

We played around with them for awhile, and then moved back into the creek near the campsite. The Swamp Dooonnnkiieee was on fire and caught some really nice slots.

See another post for what went on after that.

Sat fishing started slow. We moved over to the dam area about 8:30a with one other boat, and here they came.  Caught about three keepers and then it became tougher.

The fish were chasing minnows that we about 1.5'' long, very small.

Pretty soon about 20 boats were over trying to catch em, with little luck.

We had a big school bust right at the bow of the boat, and both Fob and I saw a Bass head on collision. About a 14'' had a 11'' crammed all the way down its throat.  They were on the surface struggling to free from each other. They sank and that is the last I saw of them.

The best fun we had was again back in the creeks with the Donk. Fob caught one that we thought might be close to a over, but it came up short.

After that, it was just hot, and slow.

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