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70434C4547507D701515220 said:
Ranger521 invited me to go to Bastrop this cold Sunday morning. Arrived at North Shore ramp to find a full parking lot of boat trailers. Launched at 8am....I started hooking up on bass on lipless cranks, but most of them were small bass.1-2lbers. Then Bill hooked into a 3.5lb bass on red-lipless crank in 8 feet of water, near timber.

Fished all over the lake and ended at 2pm....Only caught and released 7 bass...had several come un-buttoned at boat...

Lures of choice were lipless and carolina rigs. Had some good hits, but no hookups.

Heard there was a couple bass club tournaments out there. One fisherman reported good discharge action in early morning. Also heard of a good stringer (Paper tournament) coming on ribbet frogs in grass, early morning, too..

Might have to try again, in about a week.

Air temp was 49 degrees....water temp range from 58 to 61 degrees. 5-10 mph Northerly winds.

I think there is a very shallow bite, in the reeds!
Those few days of work between your trips threw you off your rhythm Ranger. ;D
Dang work! ;D
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