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Hey ABF,

My buddy and I made it out to Lake Bastrop on Cinco de Mayo for a full day of fishing. We got on the water at dawn and ended up fishing a full 12 hours.

I had never fished Lake Bastrop before, and being my buddies home lake he said, "It's like shooting fish out of a barrel" and he wasn't lying.

12 hours and 45+ bass in the boat. It was, without a doubt, the craziest day of fishing I've ever had.

First of all, before the fog cleared the bass were schooling and giving us an acrobatics show. We slammed them on the fluke for the first hour or so. The first fish I got in the boat was a 3.5lber. They really enjoyed the jig with a watermelon crawfish trailer as sun got higher, too. We bounced around the fluke, the jig, the square bill, weightless Texas rigged senkos, spinner baits and my personal favorite, the Mojo Rigged senko. My buddy landed a 4.75lber on the jig too.

My buddy and I doubled up twice. I also doubled up by myself too. How, you ask?

I was working a jig on the bottom, hooked up and as I'm reeling in a school starts to rise on the top. I drop the fish in the boat along with my jiggin' rod, pick up my other rod with a fluke and hooked up again. I couldn't believe it. I'm pretty sure every angler on the lake could hear my screams of joy :1augen71:

We had blue gill jumping into the boat. Somehow I ended up lassoing a cat with the mojo rig. The line wrapped around the cat and hooked itself. That was nuts.

Our troller motor battery started giving us trouble at about noon. So we got the bright idea to switch the troller battery with his truck battery. Well, at about 4 o'clock when we were sunburned and hungry we realized that the only way into the truck was with the key fob... That requires electricity.

A good ol' boy came through with one of those grabbers my grandfather used to use. Worked like a charm.

The fish were biting even after sundown. I couldn't believe it. My thumbs were ripped open, my skin was burnt to a crisp but I've never been so happy on the lake. What a day...

You know how Mike Iaconelli yells, "NEVER GIVE UUUUUP!"

My buddy and I now yell, "IT NEVER GETS OOOOLD!"

Heres a little clip from that morning.

THANK YOU to everyone that posts and comments on ABF. I've learned SO much from all of you!


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